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Smol updates ahoy

Tue Sep 26, 2017, 4:06 AM

Hola amigos =^.^=

Sorry for the inactivity recently, I've just started my second year of university Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]  I've moved out of halls and am now living in an actual house with a few of my coursemates pink double 8th It's been pretty stressful dealing with all the house stuff and introductory lectures, but I'm getting there!
Hopefully I'll have time to submit personal stuff here too soon, but as always, commissions are still open!

Peace, love and cupcakes xx

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On holiday tomorrow! :)

Sun Sep 3, 2017, 9:19 AM

Hey guys!
Just a small update to remind y'all that I'm off on holiday tomorrow with some of my uni buddies, from Monday 4th September until the 16th, so I'll have to put commission work on hold during that time period but as soon as I come back I'll get straight into it again! Currently the work I'm doing includes :iconsteakloins:'s logo commission which I will finish off when I return to the UK, and :cameronwsmith:'s new batch of creature sketches to dig my teeth into!
Thanks for your patience guys, I'll try and respond to messages as well as I can, and new commissions are always welcome! =^.^=

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Hi everyone! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2]

Just letting you know that I'm going away on holiday on Monday with a few uni mates, and won't be back until the 16th, so I won't be able to do any commission work in that time. I will try and answer notes and comments asap though! If you'd like a commission, just drop me a note and I'll get on it as soon as I get back.
So I've been lucky enough to be able to draw the artwork for CameronWSmith's newest installment in the thrilling Holtur series, The Holtur Curse! You can check out the cover here Arrow left  COMM: The Holtur Curse by XxBattleLionessxX

You can also take a look at the rest of Smith's books here: if you love awesome fantasy stories packed full of thrilling battles and badass monsters, I'd highly recommend you check it out! Arrow left

Here are his own words on the novel itself to whet your appetite for this fab read!

"The Holtur Curse is the second installment in the Holtur Trilogy. It’s been an absolute blast to write, and I’ve had a great time throwing my own spin on the vampire genre. Something a bit different I’m doing with this series is using a different protagonist for each episode.

The first book, The Holtur Enigma, (which you can download for free… ) introduces the town by throwing the cowardly Vivian Patressi right at it. He ends up face to face with wyverns, beasts, and horrors as he tries to survive. All he wanted to do was simply to recruit a few warriors for his own cause. One of the brutes he tried—and failed—to conscript was Sonja Bluwahlt, the Captain of the north gate’s slayers.

Sonja steals the spotlight in The Holtur Curse. As well as a gender swap, this also changed our main point of view from a coward, to hero. Now I don’t want to give away too much, but poor Sonja goes through quite a lot in The Holtur Curse. Here’s the pre-release blurb to hold you over until release day!


Most creatures are predictable, men are not.

Known for her prowess on the battlefield, Captain Sonja Bluwahlt is the kind of slayer that monsters hide from. Slaughtering wyverns, beasts, and horrors is simply part of the job description. It's not until the Brothers of Eternity show up, that she discovers who the true monsters in the world are, humanity.

The definition of right and wrong bleed into each other as Sonja tries to understand what drives the Brothers of Eternity. An old relic is all they desire, but it's what they are willing to sacrifice in order to obtain it that terrifies her. The relic holds a dreadful secret, one that should never be uncovered by mortals.

Surviving becomes secondary to success, for if Sonja and her slayers fail to stop the Brothers of Eternity, a new breed of horror will be unleashed upon the world. A greedy, blood-sucking breed that knows no restraint.


The Holtur Curse will be released on the 30th of October. It will be available for a discounted pre-order price, and all who pre-order score exclusive content! Details for pre-orders can be found here (… ).

Liz and I also spoke of some interesting creatures, like the nima’lup and magna’lup, that appear through my short stories. I’ll be releasing an anthology with all these short stories towards Christmas, but if you’d like to check out some shorter tales set in Holtur, see what’s available on my short story page. (… )

If you’d like to check out all the great art Liz has created for the creatures, click here (… ) to pickup the Bristrunstium Monster Records.

He's also answered some questions about his book too!

------------------------------ Red Letter Day: Q by alphabetars :iconampersandplz: Red Letter Day: A by alphabetars ------------------------------

1. How did you come up with the specifics for the description of nima'lup and the magna'lup?
The nima'lup and magna'lup were a fun duo to write! It started after I had been pondering on some ideas for an epic story that I'd like to write in the future. I had this idea that there would be seven great leviathans that drift through the ocean. These would be gigantic creatures—living islands in essence—that were each home to a unique set of creatures.
I don't know how, or why, the canine idea came to me, but when it did, I wanted them to be gentle and friendly. The opposite of what usually visits Holtur! My goal at the beginning of Dogs of the Leviathan was to trick the reader into thinking the story would be about werewolves!
The idea of the nima’lup and magna’lup living together in symbiotic harmony was to deal with their existence. The amphibious magna’lup could swim ashore with nima’lup on their backs or traverse beneath their leviathan to remove any parasites. These creatures only played a tiny role in Dogs of the Leviathan, but I intend to bring them back, along with the inhabitants of six more leviathans, down the track.

2. Are the creature names and names for details such as the omnivitae based off of existing words such as Latin words, or are they completely made up?
A bit of both! Sometimes I come up with a great name I love and just go with it, like kehrip—I love that name. Other times I keep it simple and obvious: wyverns, vampires (leeches), angels, etc. Then there are others that need a bit of inspiration! Omnivitae is a Latin combo indeed; omni means all and vitae is life. I think omnivitae sounds cooler than the all-life!
A new creature with a key role in The Holtur Curse—and who will creep its way into the Bristrunstium Monster Records shortly—is the Sorbguamis. I’ve mixed the Latin words sorbere, lingua, and armis, which translates to absorb, tongue, and armour. Any idea what the sorbguamis may look like?

3. The names of the slayers - Volk, Rigst, Rak - reminded me of Norse names. Was that your inspiration?
Yes! The interesting thing is that a lot of Northern European names overlap. I originally intended to give the town of Holtur a bit of a ‘German’ vibe in regards to the names, but it quickly took inspiration from more of Europe. The Holtur Curse will introduce a whole new collection of slayers with interesting names like Zeilgen, Hechond, Lambert, and Theodoric to name a few!

He's also requested that I write about my own experience drawing the cover and the creatures for the Bristrunstium Monster Records, which I have done below.

For the cover artwork, I drew inspiration from existing mountains and emphasised the mist and cloud surrounding them to exaggerate the sense of scale. The birds and the bridges also help to create the effect of the vastness of Mother Nature. The castle was a tricky one as I wanted to make it seem fantastical without losing the fortress-like look of a real castle - my first sketch attempt turned out looking more like a cathedral, so I removed a bunch of the windows, created some more turrets, and ta da! A convincing castle atop a snowy cliffside. Since I'm much more used to drawing organic forms, the perspective on the building was also a challenge, but one I welcomed nontheless as a way of strengthening my skills.

For the monster sketches, I wanted to create the impression that a passing traveller had doodled up these drawings in a notebook, so they are sketched using desaturated sepia tones. I used textured brushes to mimic the traditional brush and pen tools, and avoided using pure black or white to keep it looking realistic. Due to the fantasy nature of the creatures, I brought together and studied drawing references of many different animals to maintain the sense of believable anatomy, and did my best to stick to the same style of artwork.

Super long entry I know haha! Hope you guys enjoy the Holtur Curse - keep reading! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 

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Mon Aug 7, 2017, 3:29 AM

EDIT 2: All slots taken, thanks guys :D

Hi!Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

So you lovely people seemed to quite like my sketch-style portrait of this floofy kitty: Nine Lives by XxBattleLionessxX

and this got me thinking - I really enjoy working in that rough, expressive style, making it look like traditional art when it is in fact wholly digital, and I thought I'd offer up pet portrait commissions!

They will be £20 (or $26) each, which is only a couple of pounds more than my most simple cell-shaded drawings are, so pretty cheap! In terms of style they are like a sketchier version of my full-detail commissions, at a fraction of the price =^.^=

I can draw literally any animal, so if you'd like a portrait of your cat, dog, bunny, Komodo dragon, just comment or note me! They make a lovely tribute to your pet :)

I'm offering up 3 slots, first come first served! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 


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Hey y'all,
KuroiCandy is doing some sweet artworks, check out her work! They're affordable and her art is really lovely so go and see her stuff! =^.^=

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Body Confidence in Summer!

Mon Jun 19, 2017, 7:59 AM

Hi guys! :wave:
So summer is here, and I've just finished my first year at university! I know a bunch of people like me will be finishing up their exams, and maybe thinking about a trip to the beach with friends. However, the insecurities that we feel that are perpetuated by the media can stop a lot of us from baring ourselves in swimming cozzies and enjoying the summer days to the full, and I want to share my advice for overcoming this fear of judgement from other people over the way we look. It may seem like a monumental task, but it can be done! Get out there and have fun, gals!

First things first, a tiny bit about me...
I am 5'10'' girlie, and a mesomorph (someone who builds and retains muscle easily). Maaaany years ago I used to be self conscious about my height, but now I love it! It helps me feel like I have presence, and I like the attention I get for it. The trick is understanding your own body, and using it to your advantage.

People aren't paying nearly as much attention to you as you think!
Usually, people are way too wrapped up in their own little worlds to pay much attention to other people. Think about it - do you spend loads of time obsessing over the way a perfect stranger or even a friend looked on a certain day? It probably didn't make much of an impact on you, which is good, because if we spent all our time noticing what every single person around us was wearing we'd never get anything done! This is something important to remember, because if you come out of the changing room in a brand new bikini or one-piece, and you feel incredibly anxious because you think all eyes are on you, chances are that the people around you are all too busy thinking about whether they've left the oven on, or when to pick up the kids, or if their boyfriend is going to arrive on time. Once you realise that actually, people aren't that bothered about what you are wearing, it frees you up to just wear things for yourself.

Fake it till you make it!
Faking confidence is crazy hard, but it is an incredibly useful skill. A healthy dose of bravado will do wonders for the way you come across, and people will notice that you appear to be feeling great; this will then result in you looking great! If you're not sure if a particular bikini top is going to stay up, or if the colour is too bright, but you're kinda committed to this beach thing because you're all suited up and your mates are waiting,  take a deep breath and strut - I mean really strut - out of that changing room. Lift your chin, push your shoulders back and walk from your hips - models walk like this for a reason! Think of the coolest person you know - do they walk with self-consciousness or doubt? Unlikely! They walk with pride because they have probably worked on faking that confident walk until it simply becomes natural. Heads will turn if you walk like this, but it is not because they are thinking anything negative, I can guarantee this!
Also, and this is key to looking confident, try not to fiddle with whatever you're wearing! Keep your arms loose and relaxed and don't tug at the hems of your cozzie for no reason.

Just be comfortable!
Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and accepting yourself is the first step to realising your own beauty! Don't force yourself into anything you don't feel entirely comfortable in; for example, if you find bikinis too skimpy, just buy a pretty one-piece or tankini, because there's nothing worse than truly feeling uncomfortable in a piece of clothing. It's fun to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, but not so far that you can't stop thinking about how exposed you feel! It will detract from the fun you could be having. Besides, you don't have to wear teeny tiny bits of fabric to look fabulous; you can get these high-waisted 50s pin up style bikinis which are not only comfortable and cover you up a fair bit, but look smashing and make you feel like Marilyn Monroe!

Remember, confidence is something that builds over time. Surround yourself with supportive and kind people, and pay zero attention to those who attempt to bring you down; they're just struggling with their own insecurities and take it out on you. Everyone deserves to feel secure and know that they look awesome on the beach, so seize your chance! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]

I know this was quite a long entry, but I hope some people found it useful! Let me know your thoughts and how your summer is going =^.^=

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Wed Jun 7, 2017, 6:58 AM

EDIT 2: The raffle is now closed!
 The winner is number 24, as you can see: Random by XxBattleLionessxX
That means that Pterolykus is the winner! :)
Thank you so so much to everyone who participated :D

EDIT: Only a few hours to go until closing at 6pm UK time! Last minute entries welcome :)

Hi guys! :wave:

So I'm at 399 watchers, and seeing as I'm so close to 400 watchers, why wait to feel great? Celebrate now, that's my motto :D so I'm holding a raffle to celebrate the 400 watchers mark! The winner will receive a full-body sketch of their character, similar to this: COMM: Dark Majesty by XxBattleLionessxX It can be a human, animal, anthro/furry character, you name it! I can do anything you like, as long as it's not NSFW ^^;
The raffle will close in 4 days, on the Sunday 11th June 2017. Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]

Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! Post a journal entry telling people about this raffle, and then comment on this entry with a link to it!
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  You must be watching me (new watchers welcome!)

Once you comment with your journal, I will reply giving you a number. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.


Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag five people on your journal entry telling people about this raffle, you will be given two raffle numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people, you will be given three numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people and submit your journal entry to five groups, you will be given four numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people and submit your journal entry to 10 groups, you will be given five numbers

There are 50 slots available! The winner will be announced on Sunday at 6 pm UK time Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]


1. JeniK21
2. kickerkitten
3. Hot-Gothics
6.  Hot-Gothics
7.  Hot-Gothics
8. MamylTheComet
9. MamylTheComet
10. BlackWolxen
11. Alkraas
12. Alkraas
18. ArchDarker
22. fishdoq
23. fishdoq
24. Pterolykus
25. XxRaven-FindersxX
26. howlingghostwolf
27. r-ome
28. Valrunie
29. HirundoArvensis
30. AzalaRunes
31. hystenykh
32. hystenykh
33. hystenykh
34. Salvagio2001
35. Salvagio2001
36. Salvagio2001

Good luck, guys! Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 

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Hi guys! :wave:
So you may or may not know that I've nearly finished my first year at university, and it's definitely been one of the best times of my life! I've made some brill friends, been able to chase my ambitions, and even though the work has been tough, it's been very rewarding :) I thought I'd just share what I've learned so that other people might find their first year a bit easier!

1. Don't forget to eat!
Especially during the first few weeks, due to all the new work and change that's happening with living alone for the first time, your brain is going to be burning tons more calories than usual. If you don't keep your body topped up with calories, you'll find it very difficult to concentrate on your work. I regularly have 9 till 7 days, and it's impossible to keep working for that long without food. I take pretty much any chance I get to buy food - and if your course is anything like mine, you'll have few opportunities to do so so make use of them! I'm not saying overeat, but it's easy to forget to eat at all when you're working hard. Your brain needs glucose - sugar - to function properly. Fact.

Despite eating more, I've still lost quite a bit of weight since I've been at uni so if your metabolism is high like mine, don't worry too much about gaining weight!

2. Make the most of freshers'!
Everyone worries about making friends at uni, which is why in the UK (I'm not sure if they do this in other countries but they probably have something similar), they do something called freshers' week at the beginning of term, which is where they chuck all the newbies at uni into activities and give you cheap entrance to clubs. Although you might be exhausted after long days at uni, it's a really good idea to go out and have fun, even if you have to force yourself out of your comfy bed! This is when everyone is in the mixing pool together and eager to find someone to pal up with - don't miss this opportunity to find some amazing people to be friends with! If you're a shy person, I imagine this might be quite daunting, but it's crucial to ignore any insecure feelings and join in with whatever is going on.

On a similar note, don't fret about making friends - I was anxious about that too but I've got a really strong circle of mates at uni who I can count on to be there for me no matter what, and I do the same for them. The people on your course will share your passions and interests, and that means they'll be the best friends you've ever had!

Don't miss lectures if you can help it!
I never made the mistake of missing lectures for no good reason, since it's devilish hard to catch up on work - if you're ill that's fair enough, but don't put yourself through the panic of trying to catch up if you can help it!

Avoid procrastination!
Last minute all-nighters are a very risky strategy, since if you're relying on uni computers to get something done before your noon deadline the next day, sod's law dictates that this'll be the one time it crashes and you lose your work. Make sure to keep a back-up of your important files, and chip away at your work every night if possible - just do half an hour in the evening and then go out with your friends. The work will gradually get done without you even realising it, and you won't be panicking!

Buy a cheap printer
Seriously, do it. It's so worth it to have in your room and you don't have to trek into campus to use the dodgy printers there.

That's pretty much it I suppose! Remember; you will settle in, you will make friends, and you will get the hang of all the new adult stuff you have to deal with, whether it's the temperamental washing machines in your student accommodation, cooking for your friends or knowing your way round a new town. It's a wonderful experience, and I hope you have as good a time as I have!
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Thank you for the Core membership!! :'D

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2016, 2:27 PM
Hi there! Season's greetings to you all! :lights::lights::lights:  
I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the lovely person who gave me a core membership - it's so kind of you, and it really means a lot to me!!! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

I'm so excited for Christmas, seriously I'm like a little kid when it comes to the holiday season XDD I'm getting a cintiq this year though :'D finally saying goodbye to my loyal bamboo that I've had for 5 years! I've used it so much the surface is almost worn away ahaha :'D
Happy times! :D Let me know how your holidays are going!

Once again: thank you!!! :hug:

CSS and graphics by ArtEverlasting
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Hi guys! :)
So my arm is healing up really well! (For those not in the know, I broke it practising for roller derby - what a silly goose! XD )
I can now draw properly and am back to working on commissions! First up is one for InfernoFolf of his amazing character Storm, which I'm currently doing the base colours for and should be done within a few days, then it's CameronWSmith with a cover for his book - super excited! After that I've got a few merch commissions lined up for a band :D
Exciting times!! Excited Blush

Uni is keeping me super busy too (in a good way!)
I've made so many brilliant friends, and the course itself is definitely a challenge but one I really want to succeed in!

So that's what's happening with me right now! x
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Looots of stuff happening! :O

Sat Oct 29, 2016, 2:46 PM

Hey hey! :) It's your old buddy Lizzy, back from the dead XD

So I've been having a slightly rough time of it recently because I've broken my right - dominant - arm D: It really sucks since I miss drawing so much, but my commissioners have been incredibly kind and generous and have agreed to postpone their commissions until it's healed :D It's been super difficult at uni though because my course is intense enough without a broken arm to mess up my note taking XD

How are you guys doing? Are you all back at school or are there some uni freshers like me out there? :D

Peace out! :3

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Quick life updates :3

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 12:00 PM

Hey hey, lovely people :3 so things might be a bit quieter from me on here over the next couple of weeks because I've started going to university! It's all super exciting - I've met some awesome people - but it's all extremely chaotic right now, so yeah :D but commissions as always are still extremely welcome! =^.^=

Living on my own is going well so far, I haven't starved or burned the flat down, which is a bonus XD

I hope you guys are having fun too! Let me know what you've been up to :3

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I'm back!

Fri Aug 19, 2016, 4:58 AM

I have returned! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]

I've been in South Africa on holiday, which was just incredible - I got to ride an elephant, stroke a cheetah, and climb to the top of Table Mountain (which was really tiring but totally worth it)!
Plus thankfully it wasn't too hot since it's winter there (which is still like summer over here in the UK), which I was pleased about since I'm stupendously pale and my vampire skin burns almost instantly XD

But yes, I'm back now and ready to take on commissions and stuff before I head off to uni in a month *o* I'm so excited!

What have you guys been up to in the holidays? <3

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Hey everyone! :wave:

So I'm going away tomorrow, which is super exciting, but this means I won't be able to answer comments and notes from 2nd August to 15 August, so if you want to send me a note about a commission, I will definitely get back to you as soon as I can and do it for you, but I won't be able until the 15th.

That's pretty much it, thanks for all your support! <3

Heyo :wave:
I've just been browsing through the galleries of a few of my watchers and I thought I'd do a little feature of them =^.^= all of the people who watch me are so super talented like whoa *o*
Enjoy! And go check these people out!
:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

.:GIFT:. Devil by Shibbai
Wolf Pack Howling by RainbowiestHowls
Beautiful Blue by RoyalAnubis
Dreaming by Alkraas

Contest! :)

Sun Jun 26, 2016, 11:07 AM

FINAL EDIT: The contest is now closed! Winners will now be announced!
Gosh, the amount of talent of the people watching me is incredible, seriously, I was blown away by your works *o*
It really means so much to me that you guys entered and put so much time into your artworks, they all turned out truly beautiful and it's honestly the hardest thing ever to judge them! I've been agonising over it all week, haha XD
But two winners must be chosen, so...
This time, I've chosen :iconexxvs: and :iconmilenahide: as winners! =^.^=
I chose exxvs as a winner because I loved the fact that she went down the traditional art route, and I loved MilenaHide's entry for the pretty background. :meow:
Congrats you two! I'll be in touch about what characters you'd each like drawn for your headshot and chibi! ^^
I will also contact everyone else about their prize, too :D

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider

EDIT 10/7/16: Last day to enter! Winners to be announced at 8 pm today UK time! :D (If you're not sure what time that is in your country then just Google "8 o'clock PM time in London in ______ (put your country here)
Last minute entries welcome! :heart:

Hi guys! :wave:

So I've finished all my exams, and what better way to celebrate than by a contest! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]

I've redesigned my fursona Zuri, and I'd love to have some art of her to gaze at! Here she is--> Zuri Reference 2016 by XxBattleLionessxX If you enter, just link me to your picture of her in this journal :3
If you're not comfortable with felines, she also has a wolf form with the exact same markings Dancing dummy

I'll pick two winners, and they will each get a sketchy detailed headshot of their character, something like this: Stare - Speedpaint by XxBattleLionessxX, and will also receive a chibi!

Things to know!

Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! There are unlimited slots!
Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! I will judge entries based solely on the amount of effort that goes into them, so please don't feel too insecure to enter! I will only start judging entries on things like anatomy and realism once it is impossible to distinguish the effort level between them =^.^=
Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! Winners will be announced in 2 weeks, on Sunday 10th July
Paw Print (Light Blue) - F2U! All other participants will receive a sketchy cartoony headshot of their character, something like this: Random gifties by XxBattleLionessxX

Have fun guys! <3


1. :iconexxvs: with Zuri- Contest Entry by exxvs
2. :iconeisfederkatzenpfote: with .:Contest Entrie:. Zuri the lion by EisfederKatzenpfote
3. :iconvalrunie: with - Friendly - by Valrunie
4.:iconpuppy-adoptables: with Contest Entry by puppy-adoptables
5. :iconsealbatross: with Zuri by sealbatross
6. :iconmilenahide: with Zuri by MilenaHide
7. :iconeulas: with [CE] Zuri by Eulas

Things to look forward to!

Fri Jun 3, 2016, 9:03 AM

Hi everyone! :wave:
Soo as you probably know, right now I am swamped with revision for my final exams coming up next week and continuing until 24th June, HOWEVER from then onwards I've got some exciting stuff to tell y'all about!

For example, from 24th June onwards:

Rose Bullet (Flipped) - F2U! Commissions will be open full time and I'll be holding more raffles and even contests

Rose Bullet (Flipped) - F2U! I'm planning on putting some of my designs - especially Hey Guys!/Hello internet. by XxBattleLionessxX - onto T shirts Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] They'll be nice and cheap, but high quality too =^.^=

Rose Bullet - F2U! A bunch of you lovely people said you'd be interested if I did an e-book type thing on how to draw wolves, puppers and big cats, so that'll go ahead too :D

Stay tuned, lovelies! xx


Thu May 12, 2016, 4:25 AM

EDIT 3: The raffle is now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, it honestly means so much to me! I'll definitely be holding more of these!

The winner this time is number 33, as you can see here: Rand by XxBattleLionessxX
That means that Eulas is the winner! =^.^= I'll be in touch to ask about the character you want drawing!

Thanks again, guys! :heart:

EDIT 2: Half an hour to go! There's still slots available for last minute entries!

EDIT: 2 hours to go until this raffle is closed and the winner is announced! All last minute entries are welcome!

Hey guys! :wave:

So to celebrate 200 watchers I thought I'd do my very first raffle! The winner will get a headshot sketch of their character, something like this: Random gifties by XxBattleLionessxX It can be feral, anthro, human, you name it ^^ There'll only be one winner, but if you're unlucky this time, don't worry as I plan to do more of these in the future!
 Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1]  Free art, what's not to like XD


Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! Post a journal entry telling people about this raffle, and then comment on this entry with a link to it!
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  You must be watching me (new watchers welcome!)

Once you comment with your journal, I will reply giving you a number. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.


Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag five people on your journal entry telling people about this raffle, you will be given two raffle numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people, you will be given three numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people and submit your journal entry to five groups, you will be given four numbers
Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U!  If you tag 10 people and submit your journal entry to 10 groups, you will be given five numbers

There are 50 slots available! The winner will be announced on Sunday at 6 pm UK time Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]


1. DerXHut
2. DerXHut
3. Ravensong867
4. Ravensong867
5. Ravensong867
6. Valrunie
7. Peac3Keep3r
8. ForestHunterMajrach
9. ForestHunterMajrach
10. Sicsa2001
11. delight-puppy
12. delight-puppy
13. The-Creative-Sketchy
14. The-Creative-Sketchy
15. 31th
16. exxvs
17. Sairendipity
18. Sairendipity
19. Hadess-chan
20. TankySina
21. Vendetta-Thorns
22. Aqacia
23. Bai-ZeWarrior
24. MilenaHide
25. MilenaHide
26. MilenaHide
27. MilenaHide
28. MilenaHide
29. Hot-Gothics
30. Hot-Gothics
31. MayaCat222
32. Catnip1996
33. Eulas
34. Acclivius
35. BouncyBasil
36. Heirzrponxui
37. Heirzrponxui
38. Heirzrponxui
39. N-o-x-y
40. MamylTheComet
41. MamylTheComet
42. MamylTheComet
43. MamylTheComet
44. MamylTheComet
45. Sinnsur
46. Sinnsur
47. RoseBiteFNaF
48. EpicCanines

Good luck! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]

hey there my lovelies :bademoticon: 

sorry for the ridiculously low activity, I've had so much shizz to do irl - I'm in my final year of school and my A2 exams are just around the corner. ugh. Smiley: Ugh 
I've also been doing a couple of personal projects which I can't upload yet but STAY TUNED, Y'ALL

That's also why I can't do any full detail or detailed shading comms right now - much to my sadness :( - because they just take up too much time and I've got so much maths to revise Britney Spears - Super Disgusted

The amazing :iconderxhut: recently gave me 100 points out of the blue (asdfghjkl the generosity of you guys is so fab :'3) so I now have 106 points to dish out, I know it's not a whole lotta points but is anyone doing any cheap point commissions? Just comment on this journal if you are :3

anyway that's pretty much it, catch you lot later <33

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Commission updates! 20% off sale!

Mon Feb 29, 2016, 9:18 AM

Hi guys! :wave:

So Mother's Day is coming up soon and I thought I'd do another sale for you lovelies, so if you order a commission up to Sunday March 6 you'll get 20% off! It can have a Mother's Day theme but if you want to get a different theme for your commission you can still get the 20% off deal in this time period =^.^=

Here's my price sheet if you're interested!
!!!COMMISSIONS INFO!!! by XxBattleLionessxX

Just tell me what you'd like and I'll tell you what the price is with the 20% reduction.

Go go go! :eager:

Thanks for all your support guys! This all helps me out no end! FREE flying hearts Icon 

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